Speakers – FAQ

How to apply as Speaker ?

What kind of talk – for what kind of audience ?

We expect a broad variaty of people. Doctors, Counselours, Researcher, Psychonauts, Students and people generally interessted in Iboga. The topic is as diversified as the guests. People from university, research and counceling proffessions will meet people from the underground and providing szene.

Is there a main-emphasis ?

The Topic is :
Iboga / Ibogaine as treatment modality for addiction, aftercare programs, holistic approaches, safety and security
Healing Parkinsons and Hepatits C as well as mental Issues with Iboga / Ibogaine

Between 20 and 40 Speakers will give new Input about the usage of the plant, new perspectives and strategies how to work in Europe.

How do I know I am a confirmed speaker ?

If your picture and abstract are shown on the webite under “confirmed speaker” , furhtermore we will let you know via email.


Organisiert die entheo-science die Übernachtung für Referenten ?

Potsdam ist ein teures Pflaster und wir bitten euch nach Möglichkeit auch andere Kontakte zu nutzen.
Solltet ihr eine Übernachtung wünschen, so meldet den Bedarf bitte rechtzeitig an.
Auf dem Freilandgelände gibt es 2 grosse Schlafräume im Jugendherbergsstil, welche wir für Referenten und Helfer nutzen können.

What will be organised by entheo-science for the speakers ?

This will be negotiated individuallly with each speaker.