Thursday Evening 7th September
18:00   Roundtable: The Future of Ibogaine
Patrick Kroupa
Anwar Jeewa
Boaz Wachtel
Moderator: Jeremy Weate


Friday 8th September – Day 1

1st Morning Session: Introduction to Ibogaine

9:00     Conference welcome: Joe Schraube, Jeremy Weate & Tobias Erny

9:30     Personal Histories of Ibogaine:
Norma Lotsof
Boaz Wachtel
Patrick Kroupa
Hattie Wells
Dana Beal
Paul Featherstone


2nd Morning Session: Ibogaine Science

11:20   Geoff Noller, “Ibogaine treatment for opioid dependence: Results from a New Zealand 12-month post-treatment follow up study, including future implications”

12:00   Paul Glue, “Can ibogaine be dosed more safely – impact of recent published human data”              


13:00   LUNCH

1st Afternoon Session

14:00   Roman Paskulin, “Ibogaine’s potential use as a remedy for alcohol addiction.”

14:40   Bruno Rassmussen Chaves, “Legal Ibogaine Treatments in Brazil.”



2nd Afternoon Session

16:00   Ken Alper, “Ibogaine’s Mechanism of Action.”

16:30   Patient D, “How Ibogaine has helped my Parkinson’s Disease”

17:00   Ignacio Carrera, “Ibogaine: 3rd Generation Congeners.

17:30   Chris Jenks, “Sustainable Ibogaine Chemistry”

18:00   Dana Beal, “Mechanism of Nerve Growth Factor GDNF Elucidates Ibogaine’s Persistence and Immune Modulatory Effects.”


19:00   Conference closes for the day

20:30 Evening film at the conference venue, Experience Bwiti: Renaissance of the Healed (Directed by Ben De Loenen) and then Gabon – The Last Dance (Josh Ponte) followed by party.


Saturday 9th September: Day 2 

1st Morning Session

9:00     Tom Brown, “Findings from the MAPS Study in Mexico.”

9:40     Jamie McAlpin, “Debunking Ibogaine Safety Myths.”



2nd Morning Session

11:10   Clare Wilkins, “Safety of Repeated lower dose protocols with the aid of CBD.”

11:40   Anwar Jeewa, “The Minds Alive protocol”


12:15   LUNCH BREAK 

1st Afternoon Session

13:00   Jeff Kamlet, “Ibogaine Safety

13:40   Jeff Kamlet, Jamie Mac, Anwar Jeewa, Clare Wilkins,

Discussion on Ibogaine safety” in association with Psymposia



2nd Afternoon Session

14:35   Jose Carlos Bouso, “Using low, repeated and increasing doses of ibogaine in the detoxification of methadone”

14:55   Deanne Adamson, “Being true 2 you – Ibogaine Aftercare”

15:35   Krsitin Gorenflo, Star Morrison and Svea Nielsen “Closing the Aftercare Gap”

17:15   Danesh Oleshko “Integral principles of the post-Ibogaine aftercare”

18:00   Conference closes for the day

20:00   Psymposia Psychedelic Stories at the conference venue, followed by a party.


Sunday 10th September: Day 3

1st Morning Session   

9:00     Yann Guignon, “A Message to the Ibogaine Community”

9:30     Uwe Maas, “Bwiti music in the context of indigenous sacred music.”

10:00     Süster Strubelt, “Traditional use in Gabon: Iboga Dancing therapy.”

10:30   Bette Corsan, “Bwiti: Traditional Medicinal the Schweitzer Way.”



2nd Morning Session

11.10   Maja Kohek, “The ibogaine experience – acute subjective effects”

11:40   Murtaza Maheed, “Ibogaine in South Asia.”

12:10   Alvaro Ferranti, “Ibogaine in Portugal.”

12.40   Thom Leonard, “The First year in Baja.”



1st Afternoon Session

13:45   Benjamin De Loenen, “Pathways to Ibogaine Regulation & Sustainability.”

14:30   Pavel Bém, “European Ibogaine & the UN.”

15:00   Udi Bastiaans, “Gratitude for Ibogaine”

15:25   David Graham Scott, “Personal reflections on my ibogaine experiences: The journey of a former addict and filmmaker.”


2nd Afternoon Session

16:00   Rick Doblin, “Ibogaine, NIDA and the FDA in the 1990s

17:00  Daniel Pinchbeck, “How Soon is Now?”

18:00  Honouring our Elders

19:00   Conference closes

20:00 (till daybreak)  Party at the Hanf (Hemp) Institut (Klostermanngasse 16 – 18, Vienna), hosted by the Psychedelic Society of Vienna.


Monday 11th September

10:00    Post Conference discussion on the future of GITA